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Operators manuals. Click & then Operators Handbooks.

Omissions from DB Tractor Range

The following are some of the items that Admin. are looking for in order to complete the Tractor Range section in the Main Menu.

If you are able to help please email with scanned copies of photographs or specification details. 

            Model                                                         Items required.

  • Ferguson Brown                                                                Specification data.
  • VAK1                                                                               Additional photos.
  • VAK 1A                                                                           Additional photos & specification data.
  • 30C & 30D                                                                         Additional photos.
  • 950 T & U Series                                                               Additional photos & specification data.
  • 950 Implematic                                                                  Additional photos.
  • 850 Implematic                                                                  Additional photos.
  • 770 Selectamatic                                                               Specification data.
  • 1210 Selectamatic                                                             Additional photos.
  • 1410 Selectamatic                                                             Additional photos.
  • 1412 Selectamatic                                                             Additional photos.
  • 1190                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • 1290                                                                                 Specification data.
  • 1690                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • 1194                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • 1294                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • 1494                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • 1694                                                                                 Additional photos.
  • Last Tractor.                   Please scroll down.                      Additional photos.      

We ask that scanned photographs are of good quality, showing tractors that are in reasonable condition - no hedgrow variants please ! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us what they are. We don't know every single variant of every tractor that DB made and we don't want to put them in the wrong section !  The specification data should be from the last page of brochures, operators manuals,  or something similar ideally .

In addition to this we need more detailed information on some of the models that can be placed in the narrative section. i.e. when a model was introduced, when major changes occurred, maybe personal experiences.

We also need lots of information about the industrial output from David Brown Tractors.